How We Work

In over the 36 years of operation Giammarco's success in a highly competitive environment is a direct result of an ability to respond to difficult tasks through developed skills, expertise and management. We find the application of the following principles essential to meet the client's needs.

  • Close personal attention and service to ensure proper communication of needs and corresponding operations required.
  • Flexibility in allocation and method of retainment of professional resources to meet a fluctuating demand
  • Only highly professional and specialist personnel are made available for the difficult and critical tasks of a project.
  • Necessity to Budget and Estimate with a fair and balanced attitude so as to eventually form the basis of a performing environmet.
  • The ability to monitor and promptly recognize problems and opportunities, and totally commit and adopt resources to achieve maximum results, and benefits.
  • It is the combination of these principles, with an overall philosophy based on a conscientious scientific and common sense approach, that we present our consultancy particulars and expertise

Our Approach for Effective Solutions

Our fluid way of working and the agile nature of our consultancy enable us to develop an intimate understanding of your project from the get-go. We're always there for our clients – always available on the other end of the phone, email or conferencing.


And this attitude means we devise and implement engineering solutions that fulfil all of your constraints. We listen, advise and bear in mind construction costs at all times. We think laterally and outside the norm. We apply our knowledge of the latest methodology techniques with design and analysis to providing innovative